Learn to shoot with OWRPC

If you’re interested in learning to shoot, OWRPC can help! We offer a highly accredited Probationary Course which requires no previous experience with shooting or handling firearms.

How it works

The course is a mixture of classroom and practical sessions taught by experienced instructors. The Course is designed and run in accordance with the NRA’s safe shooting program and includes full usage of club guns. Once you have passed the course, you will be able to join the club as a full member and apply for a firearms certificate.

What’s included

  1. Full 1-2-1 Instruction on the following sessions…
    • 10 Smallbore sessions (3 Gun Types) - Indoor Training
    • 3 Fullbore sessions (3 Gun Types) - Outdoor Training
    • 2 Practical sessions (using .22 Semi Automatic AR15 Guns) - Indoor Training (Adults Only).
    • Unlimited sessions on air rifle.
  2. A Club Polo Shirt with your name on it
  3. The first 12 months of membership and insurance to the club.
  4. Your Personal Shooting Log

Time commitment

Smallbore sessions take place on a Wednesday and Friday evenings from 8pm to 10pm most weeks, and fullbore sessions are hosted once a month on a Sunday morning (usually an 8am start.) Practical sessions are hosted on Monday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.

Since fullbore only happens once a month, and 3 sessions are required to pass the course, the fastest possible completion time is 3 months. However, courses are taught at your pace and the sessions listed above are the minimum requirement. The most important thing is to make sure students are completely safe and comfortable with each aspect of the curriculum before moving on.

For this reason, we usually see students completing the course in 4-6 months.

Entry requirements

The adults course is available to all UK residents over the age of 18, and the junior course to all those 17 and under. Before being permitted to take the course, we are required by law to submit your details to the police for a security check. You must pass this check in order to proceed.


  • Under 16’s can only shoot on the indoor range and .22 calibre, maximum.
  • Under 16’s will not be able to apply for a firearms certificate, but can continue to shoot with OWRPC using club guns.


  • Adults: £350
  • Juniors: £175

How to apply

You should contact us if you’re interested in joining. We will arrange a quick phone call to discuss everything, and then you’ll be send an application for to fill out and return.