Deer Stalking

OWRPC have negotiated the priority stalking and deer management rites for the club commencing 1st September 2020.

Covering in the region of 7000 acres (2500Ha) only 40 minutes away in the Reading/Theale area, OWRPC are now one of the only (if not THE ONLY) club in the UK to offer a truly multi-disciplinary package of shooting. This is a fantastic opportunity for the club to shoot both woodland and general agricultural land on our doorstep and assist in the control of Muntjac & Roe Deer.

Not only deer stalking throughout the year, but also organised vermin control shoots at select times throughout the calendar.

Members may use their own firearms above 5.56mm/.223 calibre provided they are suppressed (firearms can be provided for club members without an FAC if necessary).

Individual shooters will be escorted by a qualified Gamekeeper until they are acquainted with the land boundaries and public rights of way after which they can book through the committee whenever they wish to try their luck. FULL INSTRUCTION GIVEN


Preferential (discounted) rates and right of access have been negotiated provided with the following process:

Prior to being allowed to book supervised stalks at the members convenience, individuals must complete a Foundation Skills Course (1 day) with the resident Gamekeeper to gain the knowledge that will provide you with a solid foundation at the beginning of your deer stalking journey. The course has been designed to improve your confidence and teach you the basics of stalking using a deer legal rifle whilst providing an essential repertoire of skills and knowledge that can be practically applied in the field.

Foundation Skills Course (1 day)

Please contact the club for more details

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Check Zero of firearms (Live firing)
  • Essential equipment
  • Legislation
  • Deer Management criteria
  • 1 x Afternoon and Morning stalk
  • Firearms Safety briefing
  • Stalking Techniques
  • Land Geography
  • Deer species identification, behaviour, habitat & signs

On satisfactory completion of the course, individuals may book at their leisure morning or evening slots through the committee to carry out stalking. Please remember that this is Deer Management and you will be advised as to the species of deer requiring stalking at the time of booking (1 x animal per session only).

Stalking fees: £80 per stalk (morning or evening), however, it is important to note, you may not shoot on every on stalk/outing as this is very much dependant on Deer themselves. Members can keep the Deer they shoot, if they wish.

Additional costs for Shot Deer

  • Muntjac Buck: £100
  • Muntjac Doe: £75
  • Roe Buck: £120
  • Roe Doe: £100